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The FTTH Box is a glass fiber-termination box with an optical CATV receiver for receiving the RF overlay at 1550 nm at optical networks and a separate optical SC / APC shutter connector for 1490nm and 1310nm. more ›

DCT DELTA LHD 41 - Compact Line Amplifier

The LHD 41 is an extremely price-efficient line amplifier with very flexible configuration options. The output levels can be set either through electronic control or with traditional plug-in modules. The built-in Ingress-switch can be remote-controlled in any FOSTRA-based network monitoring system. more ›

VIAVI PowerChek OP-1 - Optical Power Meter

PowerChek is an innovative OPM that lets fiber technicians measure optical power without the need for a test lead. more ›



The premium Docsis gateway with 24xDS and 8xUS!

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VIAVI WiFi Advisor

The new tool of VIAVI to analyze and protocol the performance in WLAN networks! Create a full report and use IPad as Interface.

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