Drop Installation

We offer a wide range of drop installation material like outlets, cables, terminating resistors and special filters.




Multimedia Outlets
Passive Galvanic Isolated Outlets
Data Outlet 5-862 MHz
Data Outlets 5-1000 MHz
Outlets (MATV / CATV)
Outlet (MATV / CATV / SAT)
Multimedia Broadband and Data Boxes
Wall Outlets for Multimedia, Cable and Data
CATV Wall Outlets for Data and TV, 2 Outputs
SAT-Outlet 5-2400 MHz
Cover Plates
Surface Mounting Frame
Surface Mounting Frame / Cover Plates
Push-on Amplifiers
Passive Push-on Filters for TV / FM / DATA
Push on Filter, passive Distribution
TV / DATA Tap, Stopfilter 5-65MHz
Return Path Attenuators
Return Path Attenuators
Terminating Resistor 75 Ohm
Terminating Plug
Security Shield
Theft Proof Terminator
1,5 m / 3,5 m


4 Channel Ethernet over Coax Access Node
Ethernet over Coax Access Node
Ethernet over Coax Media Converter
Ethernet over Coax Media Converter
Di- and Triplex Filters