Digital Video

As a partner and distributor of industry leading manufacturers HARMONIC and ARRIS we are able to meet the substantial technical needs of broadcasting operators regarding transmission equipment. In addition to distribution we offer services for system integration.

Commercial Integrated Receiver-Decoder
Video Stream Processor & Gateway
High Density Stream Processor and Transcoder
Universal Broadcast and MultiScreen Encoder
NMX Digital Service Manager
Converged Compression Platform
IP-centric Platform for Grooming, Splicing, and Remultiplexing
MPEG Playout Chassis
Management Controller
Signal converter IP to PAL/NTSC
16x IP/FM Converter Module (for U 100 chassis)
IP / FM signal converter, 16x IP Multicast in 2x 20 FM stations ...
DVB-S2 to IP streamer
DVB-S2 to IP streamer
Signal converter IP to QAM
IP / DVB-C2 Signal Converter, 2x IP Multicast in 2x DVB-C2 system ...
4x DVB-C/-T/-T2 to 4x IP-Multicast (for U 100 chassis)
Signal converter IP to COFDM
Descrambler IP to IP
IP/ASI-Gateway, ASI/IP-Gateway
Digital Headend Platform for Cable TV and IPTV Networks
for the LUMINATO Platform
IP Receiver for LUMINATO Platform
EPG Module for LUMINATO Platform
IP Multiplexer for LUMINATO Platform
QAM Output Module for LUMINATO Platform


Universal SD/HD MPEG-2 and AVC Encoder
Advanced Media Processor
SD MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) Multi-Channel Encoder
MPEG-2 Encoder
DVB-S / MPEG-2 compatible, professional Satellite Receiver
DVB-S / MPEG-2 compatible QPSK Demodulator
QPSK Demodulator & ASI Descrambler
Dual DVB-S / MPEG-2 compatible QPSK Demodulator
Multi Digital Encoding / Multiplexing 4x A/V ASI-TS
DVB Multiplexer 8x ASI zu 2x ASI (TS)
DVB TWIN Scrambler
GBE/MPEG to Base Band Audio/Video or RF
High Density EdgeQAM
IP Remultiplexer & Streamer Quad
Transport Stream Remultiplexer
TOTALCRYPT PAY TV Scrambler and Descrambler Module
DVB-S2 Twin Receiver (IRD)
QAM Modulator 8
Multichannel MPEG-2 Encoder
Integrated Receiver Decoder
Compact Edge QAM in a Box
Quad Multistream Processor B-IRD Falcon
4x Encoder / Transcoder / Multiplexer
Universal EdgeQAM/Digital Video Gateway
4x IP/PAL Converter Module (for U 100 Chassis)
4x or 8x IP/QAM Converter Module (for U-100 chassis)
IP Multiplexer for LUMINATO Platform