We deliver passives for deployment in HFC networks as well as combining and splitting solutions for headends and HUBs.

Active Frame
Passive Frame
Power Supply for active Modulo Frame
Downstream Amplifier
Upstream Amplifier
Professional RF-Signal Management
Splitters, Combiners / DC Modules
CATV Taps / 5-1000 MHz
Power Inserter
Splitters 5-1000 MHz
High Powered Passives
Taps / 5-2400 MHz
Splitters / 5-2400 MHz
Splitters / 5-1000 MHz
Taps / 5-1000 MHz
Splitters / 5-1000 MHz
Splitters / Signia Line
Taps / Signia Line
TV Push-On Filter
Power Inserters
Taps / 5-1000 MHz
Rubber Cap - RC, RF Shielding Plate, Power Inserter