We deliver passives for deployment in HFC networks as well as combining and splitting solutions for headends and HUBs.




Professional RF-Signal Management
Chassis and Cable Management Options
Power Supplies for MAXNET Chassis
Directional Coupler Modules
Plug-in Pad and EQs
Patch Panels, Blank Plates and Tools
Connectors and Terminator Options
Power Supply for active Modulo Frame
1.2 GHz Full-Feature Equalizable Taps
Outdoor Splitter
Directional Coupler
Power Inserter
Splitters 5-1000 MHz
High Powered Passives
Splitters / 5-2400 MHz
Splitters / 5-2400 MHz
Splitters / 5-1218 Hz
Splitters / 5-1218 MHz
Splitters / Signia Line
Taps / Signia Line
TV Push-On Filter
Rubber Cap - RC, RF Shielding Plate, Power Inserter