MXA Series

Optical Distribution Amplifier

MXA Series

The Maxcom MXA series is a low noise, high performance, Erbium-doped FTTx high power multi-port optical amplifier with a gain spectrum band within 1540~1563nm. Each output port for the optical amplifier can be equipped with high performance CWDM PON port to conveniently connect with an external OLT to multiplex 1310 / 1490nm and 1270 / 1577nm wavelengths. Models are also available with an option to pass 1610nm RFoG wavelengths. The MXA Series has an extremely low noise figure.


  • Up to 36 Output Ports in Compact 2 RU Package
  • Optional integrated CWDM Filters
  • Up to +23 dBm per Port Output Power
  • Extremely low noise figure
  • EDFA Cascade ports also available providing simple scalability
  • Dual Hot Swapable AC or DC power supplies

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