NMX Digital Service Manager

Harmonic’s NMX Digital Service Manager (NMX) is a definitive video network management solution. NMX encompasses a powerful set of tools for monitoring and managing compressed digital video and audio services as well as the systems through which these services flow.
NMX offers a simple and intuitive interface for creating and modifying channel lineups in addition to setting their parameters, whether encoding or rate-shaping. The underlying equipment is automatically reconfigured to accommodate the new operating parameters. Status for both services and hardware, including alarms, is passed through to the top level ensuring that problems are quickly detected and resolved. Redundancy is automated. Adding, reconfiguring, or removing services and/or equipment is fast, easy, and error-free with NMX. Templating, wizards, consolidated data views and powerful cut and paste functions are available for both service and system modifications.

NMX is available in three different editions:
  • NMX Desktop - Basic package for a single client
  • NMX Standard - Standard feature set included
  • NMX Enterprise - Comprehensive package with additional features available

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