HE-Programming Software

HE-Programming Software
The headend programming software simplifies and facilitates the programming of X-8…/V-16 headend systems with a PC or Laptop. The user can store all headend parameters in the office before commissioning, for example: received satellite, SAT programs, Output channel, Program video and audio parameters on PC or laptop and save to storage media.

The user also has the option of remotely programming and maintaining headend devices via modem. These added features save the network operator service costs, e.g. when changes occur in transponder assignments. They mean rapid response in the event of processing card failure (replacement signal switching). The software supports the possibility for the backup signal circuit. The following processes are carried out in an automated manner: switch off (RF) of the failed module, copying of all the operating parameters of the faulty module to the redundancy module, switch on (RF) of the redundancy module.

With the HE Programming software, up to 20 X headend devices can be saved in a configuration file. From the menu item "Display unit" the user has the option of accessing the program parameters of an already existing headend and can easily edit and modify. Current program satellite assignments are stored in a dedicated "SAT database”. These files can be updated and changed by the user.


  • Clearly laid out programming of X-8, V16 head-end systems via PC or Laptop
  • Afforded for remote contol of head-ends
  • Configuration files can be prepared in the office while programming is done as field work
  • CD, dongle, modem cable and USB-/serial adapter included

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