V 16

Professional Headend Platform for Cable Operators

V 16


  • Eight slots for modules
  • Fully downward compatible with all modules' previous series
  • Possibility of interconnectivity for huge program offer
  • Combination amplifier against the distribution absorption of up to eight base units (remotely powered over base device)
  • Satellite distribution field with six switchable inputs and 16 outputs
  • Optional redundant power supply
  • The power pack unit can be exchanged easily without disassembling the Plug In modules
  • Power supply of up to four LNBs
  • Integrated temperature controlled fans
  • Integrated bus adapter
  • The entire headend can be remotely monitored and configured
  • Configuration through remote management (software) or controller KC 3
  • Operation and error display for each Plug In module
  • Due to the compact design up to four base units can be put into a standard 19-inch cabinet
  • With wall assembly, all connections are protected by a plugable cable safety device against manipulation

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