Optické vysielače a prijímače




Optical Distribution Amplifier
Optical Transmission Platform
Optical Platform
300 Watt AC Power Supply / Controller
-48 VDC Power Supply
Network Interface and Management Module
Enhanced Network Interface and Management Module
Enhanced Communications Module
Communications Module
Analog Forward Receiver
1,2 GHz
Digital Transmitter (5-65 MHz)
Digital return transmitter with dual RF inputs (5-100 MHz)
Quad high gain Analog Return Receiver
RFoG Diplexer / Return Receiver (5-85 MHz)
204 MHz Quad Digital Return Receiver with Selectable Bandwidth ...
Dual Digital Receiver
(5-100 MHz Passband)
Dual Return Channel Digital Receiver (5-65 MHz Passband)
Quad Digital Return Receiver with Selectable Bandwidth Range
Analog 1310 nm Transmitter
1 GHz
Double-Density 1310 nm Transmitter System 1,2 GHz
Double Density Full Spectrum DWDM Transmitters
Double Density Full Spectrum DWDM Transmitter
Quad-Density Full Spectrum DWDM Transmitter System
Full Spectrum DWDM Transmitter
Analog Externally Modulated Full Spectrum Transmitter
1.218 GHz Analog Transmitter (65/85)
Analog 1550 nm externally modulated Transmitter 1 GHz
Analog Externally Modulated Long Distance Full Spectrum ...
Optical Amplifier
High Performance, Multiport Optical Amplifier
Complete OBI Elimination Solution
1.2 GHz 4x4 Segmentable Nodes
1.2 GHz Scalable Node Platform
204 MHz Digital RF Return Transceiver, Dual RF Inputs, Selectable ...
Digital Transceiver, dual RF Inputs, three Bandwidth Ranges
For DT 4250 Transceiver
OBI-free RFoG Node
Mininode for HFC and RFoG networks, FTTH / FTTB- Applications - ...
Fibre Node for FFTLA in 1.2 GHz HFC-networks
Micronode for RFoG networks, FTTH/FTTB applications - 1.2 GHz
The first active and outdoor-capable Hybrid Repeater used in ...
Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier-EDFA
Multiple Inputs Single Output
XFP Host System Chassis
OT XFP Pluggable Modules / Broadcast, Narrowcast und Optical ...
1.2 GHz OT XFP DWDM Transmitter
Headend Controller (HEC) for DELTANET FOSTRA-F
Headend Controller for FOSTRA-F
Optical Distribution Amplifier
Compact optical CATV Receiver
Compact optical CATV Receiver


Power Supply Module
Power Supply Module
Network Controller
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PWRLink II DFB 1310 nm-Transmitter
ARRIS PWRLink II High-Density DFB Transmitters
1550 nm DWDM Transmitter
Optical Distribution Amplifier
Optická platforma
Forward Path Receiver
Quad Return Path Receiver
Optický TV, rádio vysielač
1550 nm Broadcast / Narrowcast Transmitter
1550 nm Broadcast / Narrowcast Transmitter
1550 nm Broadcast Transmitter
Optical Amplifiers for HFC Networks
OBI Elimination HPON Optical Distribution Solution
Modular Optical Node Platform
Fiber Deep 2X2 Optical Node
Optical Platform Power Supply / Controller
Optical Platform Power Supply / Controller
Forward Receiver 1 GHz
Analog Dual Return Receiver (225 MHz)
MAXLink 1550 nm Optical Transmitter
Compact Optical Node
PWRBlazer II Optical Node
PWRBlazer Scaleable Optical Node
For HLN 3112, 3142, 3842
PWRBlazer Scaleable Optical Node Output Module
PWRBlazer Optical Node Return Transmitter Module
PWRBlazer Scaleable Node Power Supply
PWRBlazer Optical Node Receiver Module
Optical Medium Node