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Už veľa rokov sa špecializujeme na meracie technológie pre káblových operátorov.




Výkonný merací prístroj pre údržbu HFC sietí
A Full-featured Handheld for technicians at any skill level from ...
Installation / Service Meter for Cable Networks
Cable Break / Fault Location from VIAVI
Advanced Coax Probes from VIAVI
Reverse Test Probe
Digital Leakage Channel Tagger
Digital Leakage Detector
Wideband vehicle-mounted Leakage Antenna
Wideband Field Service Leakage Antenna
Low-Band Dipole Leakage Antenna
Leakage Analysis Workshop
Cloud Application
OneExpert CATV Sweep and Maintenance System from VIAVI
Ethernet and Enterprise Test
Test Residential and Business Services up to 10 Gbps
Vyriešenie problémov, na tom najviac záleží
Trusted Return Path Monitoring & Troubleshooting Solution
Riadiaca jednotka pre koncové stanice
High-Performance Spectrum and QAM Analyzer Return-Path Monitoring ...
Compact Portable Signal and Sweep Generator
WiFi / Wireless LAN Analyzer
A simple to use, intelligent optical Fiber Meter to certify and ...
TruePON Tester
Fiber PON Power Meter and Microscope from VIAVI
Inspection Ready Optical Power Meters
Fiber Power Meter and Microscope
SmartPocket™ V2 TruePON Testers
Širokopásmové merače výkonu
Selektívny PON merač výkonu
Optical Loss Test Set
Optical Return Loss Meter from VIAVI
Optical Channel Checker
Miniature USB Power Meter
Fiber Microscope from VIAVI
WiFi Adapter for the P5000i Fiber Microscope
For P5000i and FiberChek
Fiber Inspection Tool from VIAVI
Automated multifiber Connector inspection & analysis
Scalable Multitest Platform
Multilayer Solution for Network Installation and Maintenance
Full Band optical Spectrum Analyzers
Modular optical Test Platform
OTDR Test Solution for use in installing, turning up, and ...
Nano OSA Modules - 4100-Series for MTS-2000 and MTS-4000 V2
A CWDM OTDR Test Solution to deploy or maintain and troubleshoot ...
A DWDM OTDR Test Solution to deploy, maintain and troubleshoot ...
Optical Spectrum Analyzer Module
Optical Channel Checker Module with SFP-bay
Universal Module for Fiber-Qualification Tests
Optické testovacie zariadenie
Affordable, easy-to-use handheld Fiber Tester
Applications for OTDR Testing
Post-processing and reporting PC software from VIAVI
Inspection-Ready Optical Light Sources
Visual Fault Locators
Visual Fault Locator
Optické testovacie súpravy SmartPocket V2
Optical Test Kits
Live Fiber Identifier with Integrated Optical Power Meter
High Performance Light Source for PMD, CD and Attenuation Profile ...
Optical Level Attenuators
Introducing the first Touch Screen TDR in the world
CATV Measuring Receiver
Portable TV Analyzer
Time Domain Refectometer / Cable Analyzer
Time Domain Reflectometer / Cable Test
Cable and Pipe Locators
Cable and Pipe Locator
Multifunction Signal Transmitter - Precision Locator Range
Multifunction Signal Transmitter - Precision Locator Range
Cable & Pipe Locators
Chassis Options for VB Modules
10Gb IP Core Monitoring Module
DVB-C QAM / VSB Digital Cable
IP Monitoring Module
Video Bridge Controller
All-Inone Monitoring and Analysis Solution
IPTV Monitoring
Multi-Image & Content Monitoring System
Reflektometer s časovou doménou
Cable Assigning Set
Signal Level Meter for Cable and Satellite 4-2150 MHz
Sada na meranie žiarenia
ONMSi Remote Fiber Test System (RFTS)


Home Certification Meter
TruePON Testers for G-PON, XGS-PON and hybrid systems
Inspect and Test Fiber with one Device from VIAVI
Inspect and Test Fiber with one Device from VIAVI
Fiber Inspection and Test System with Compact Video Display
Compact Optical Test Platform from VIAVI
Fiber Optic Multi-Test Tool for smarter, faster Field Testing
Digital Spectrum & Video Analyzer from VIAVI
Antenna Measuring Receiver
SmartPocket Optical Power Meters from VIAVI
Optical Light Source
Digital Channel Tagger
In-Home Leakage Evaluation Kit
Digital Leakage Management System
Analog Leakage Management System
In-home Leakage Detector
Installation Leakage Detector
Merací prístroj
Meranie úrovne signálu
Multiple Services Test Platform
A Smart, Future-Proof Optical Power Meter from VIAVI
Digital Service Activation Meter
Digital Service Activation Meter
Základný merací prístroj úrovne
Test Productivity Pack
Antenna Measuring Receivers
Time Domain Reflectometer - direct connections from both coax and ...
Reflektometer s časovou doménou
Reflektometer s časovou doménou