Cloud Application


StrataSync is a key part of your instrument enabling consistency of test while delivering the necessary actionable insights required to achieve operational efficiencies such as improved first time fix success rate and reduced repeat service calls.


  • No annual subscription with StrataSync Core
  • Ensure instruments are up to date with latest firmware, licenses, and options
  • Deploy test capabilities temporarily where needed
  • Manage both direct and contractor workforce with a single platform
  • Eliminate data / results lost with direct instrument upload, no more results handover via ftp, email, or USB stick


  • Notifies field personnel immediately when firmware upgrades and instrument options are available
  • Ensures instruments are aligned to specific, right-the-first-time configurations
  • Performs file storage, printing, and exporting, and provides clear dashboards and basic reports


  • Cloud-enabled architecture provides easy network access, unmatched scalability, and high availability
  • Intuitive, browser-based interface tracks and upgrades instruments and displays, prints, stores, and exports test results
  • Personalized view shows just instruments, options, and actions relevant per-user
  • Complete asset management also tracks non-VIAVI instruments
  • Automated features quickly and easily update instrument firmware and options and configuration files
  • Template creation and alignment to instruments ensures technicians always have correct configurations
  • Quickly uploads test results to a centralized storage

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