Mini Splitter Housing

High density Fiber management - 2 RU

Mini Splitter Housing

The PPC Splitter Housing Chassis is a front- and rear mounted, high density fiber management system that allows up to 288 PON connections to be distributed in a single 2 RU of space. The pre-terminated USC splitter modules can easily be inserted and fixed from the front with a snap mechanism (no tools required). This creates an extremely practical and tidy installation with fast and easy front access to all splitter leads.

The PPC Splitter Housing Chassis can be loaded with ‘pre-configured’ and ‘installation-ready’ USC splitter modules with a capacity of up to 288 PON connections. The modules are freely configurable with different splitter / connector combinations and tail lengths.

The PPC Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) Splitters are manufactured using silica glass waveguide circuits and extremely precise alignment of optic fibers in very small package. They split or combine light from incoming fibers to multiple numbers of outgoing fibers. They perform uniformly over a wide spectral range, with ultra-low losses.


    • Compact design for 3 USC splitter modules
    • 2 RU, 19-inch standard panel (IEC 60297-3) (Panel 1 RU, front cable manager 1 RU)
    • Color: grey RAL7035
    • Multiple rail fixing options (rear and front)
    • Fast and easy front access to all splitter leads
    • Solid steel construction from powder coated CRCA
    • Ultra-High Density
    • Capacity of up to 288 PON connections with 3 modules with a maximum of each 6 pieces 2:16 splitters
    • Other combinations possible

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