Cable Shells

Cable Shells

With the construction of the CONFREE shells, we ensure the best possible RF performance can be obtained using no traditional connectors. The design ensures high performance Class A RFi through the incorporated special designed brackets, which push the shells towards the bottom of the housing. The cable shells or "cable brackets" are designed to fit all types of coaxial cables with the outer sheath diameter of 6,7 - 17,3 mm. Every cable within these dimensions has the same stripping dimensions - 8,5/8,5 mm. Cables with an outer sheath dimension below or above 6,7 - 17,3 mm can also be applied through the standard PG11 thread inside every port on the CONFREE. The Cable Shells (CS) are ordered separately. Concerning orders, the important measures are the size of the outer conductor and the diameter of the outer sheath. With this information, we will make sure you get the right size of shells for the specific cable types. All types within outer sheath 86,7 -17,3 mm can be made according to your request.

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