RF Overlay Gigabit GPON ONT



The ZXHN F601C is a RF overlay Gigabit GPON ONT, which features a 10 / 100 / 1000Mbps auto-sensing LAN Port and a RF interface in a stylish yet compact enclosure for indoor use. It provides service providers the flexibility to leverage RF headends when delivering advanced fiber access services to subscribers. It is ideal for FTTH or small business deployments in bridge mode where high-speed data must be transported reliably and also operates well in conjunction with separate RGW devices to provide flexible triple-play services.


  • RF Overlay with optical triplexer, the RF video signals are demodulated and exit the ONT via a standard coaxial cable fitting (RG-58). RF enable / disable feature is configurable remotely.
  • Elegant Enclosure - with compact enclosure and elegant design, F601C may be wall mounted inside the home or placed freestanding on a desktop.
  • Flexible Networking - with one 10 / 100 / 1000M auto-sensing Ethernet port, F601C is suitable for FTTH/O application in bridging only mode where high-speed data must be transported reliably. Meanwhile it can also network with RGW to deliver triple-play service to increase ARPU and subscriber stickiness in highly competitive environments.
  • Easy Operation and Maintenance - the F601C supports batch-update, fault diagnosis, interface loop back checking and loop routes checking remotely by OMCI. It supports flexible authentication modes for zero-touch service provisioning. In this way, ONT is plug and play, and easy to be changed quickly. The operation and maintenance is much easier.
  • GPON and XG-PON1 Coexistence - ITU-T G.984.5 has defined the WBF (Wavelength Block Filter) feature to coexist with XG-PON1 ONT within one ODN network and one feed fiber. Now the optical modules installed in ZXHN F601 have integrated with WBF feature for future-proof evolution.


  • RF overlay feature with optical triplexer
  • Elegant enclosure design for wallmounted and desk deployment
  • Bridging-only mode for FTTH / O scenario, and conjunction with separate RGW device to provide triple-play service

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