Powerful meter for maintaining HFC networks

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  • Stealth Sweep™ with integrated Tilt/Align quickly validates amps and HFC networks faster than any other test
  • Complete a downstream scan including MER/ BER in about 60 seconds
  • AutoChannel™ instantly identifies the channel lineup and eliminates guesswork
  • Combined DOCSIS 3.1 and sweep testing validates the complete HFC network
  • Ingress Expert with Hyper Spectrum™ catches difficult return noise problems
  • Expert modes with advanced parallel processing find hidden problems and root causes
  • 40+ years of trusted CATV testing knowledge integrated into one simple device
  • The ONX-630’s dual diplexer 42/85 or 65/204 with 1.2GHz supports next generation networks
  • A fiber scope and power meter support FTTx and fiber deep networks
  • Test gigabit service over DOCSIS, Ethernet, and WiFi
  • The ONX-630 is compatible with DSAM-6300 and SDA-55XX providing seamless transition
  • Common sweep reporting for VIAVI ONX-630 and DSAM ensures consistency via StrataSync™