MP-60 and MP-80

Miniature USB Power Meter

MP-60 and MP-80

The MP-series Power Meter from VIAVI is a miniature device that measures optical power via a USB 2.0 connection to a PC / laptop / smart device. This unique device makes digital processing of optical power measurements possible and integrates directly with the VIAVI FiberChekPRO and FiberChekMOBILE software. Its size, functionality, and ease-of-use makes it an extremely useful and practical tool when testing optical power levels.


  • Compatible with FiberChekPRO and FiberChekMOBILE fiber inspection and analysis software
  • Simple, accurate, and instant push-button measurement results can be electronically archived, logged, and printed
  • Dedicated for all single-mode and multimode applications


  • Measure general power and loss as well as high power applications with wavelengths ranging from 780 to 1625 nm
  • Use with a VIAVI light source to detect modulation frequency and identify individual fibers
  • Integrate with other VIAVI test devices (T-BERD/MTS-5800, SmartOTDR, HST-3000, CellAdvisor, DSAM), PC (FiberChekPRO), or mobile device (FiberChekMOBILE)


  • Lightweight, small form-factor design for ultimate portability
  • Generates measurements in dB, milliwatt, and dBm
  • Automated data logging capabilities
  • Automatic wavelength detection

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