New Sweeping Platform for ONX 630 and DSAM 6300

Sweeping up to 1.2 GHz

Replacing the existing SDA 5500/55100 the SCU 1800 offers a lot of new features. The 16 input ports on the SCU-1800 offer improved performance with less combining, an improved noise floor, lower costs, and reduced rack space through consolidation of sweep receivers.

One 1U SCU-1800 with 16 return sweep test ports can take over the duties of multiple 3U SDAs that have only one return sweep test port. While this is a considerable reduction in costly headend/hub rack space, even more space is saved in that fewer return test point combining networks are required.

VIAVI SCU-1800-Pic 1

Sweeping Concept with SCU1800 and ONX/DSAM

VIAVI SCU-1800-Pic 2

SCU 1800 offers 16 input ports

VIAVI SCU-1800-Pic 3

Rack Space Conservation with SCU 1800