High Density GPON OLT


SmartAX MA5600T is the global first OLT which integrates the functionality of aggregation switch and edge router. It can provide high density GPON, 10GPON and Ethernet P2P optical access, triple-play service, TDM / ATM / Ethernet leased line services for business customers and high precision clock, and high density GE / 10GE interfaces for cascading remote access equipment. MA5600T helps to simplify network architecture, to improve network reliability and lower TCO essentially.

There are three types of frame of MA5600T series product. The large frame has 16 service slots while the middle frame (which named MA5603T) has 6 service slots, the small frame (which named MA5608T) has 2 service slots. The service card and software are all compatible between MA5600T, MA5603T and MA5608T.

System Performance:

  • 3.2T bit/s backplane capacity, 960G bit/s switch capacity, 512K MAC addresses
  • Line speed L2 / L3 switching  
  • Static route / RIP / OSPF / MPLS  
  • TDM private line service with Native TDM or CESoP  
  • BITS / E1 / STM-1 / Ethernet Synchronization / IEEE 1588v2 / 1PPS + ToD

GPON Line Card:

  • 8/16*port per card with pluggable SFP optical module (Class B+ or Class C+ are optional)
  • Up to 1:128 splitting ratio  
  • Bidirectional FEC  
  • ONU-based and queue-based traffic shaping  
  • Rogue ONT detection and isolation  
  • Type B / Type C protection and Type C dual-homing  
  • Optical power meter (can support ±1dB precision)
  • eOTDR (1:8 splitting ratio)

10G GPON Line Card:

  • 4*port per card with pluggable XFP optical module  
  • Up to 1:128 splitting ratio (N1)  
  • Bidirectional FEC 
  • Rogue ONT detection and isolation  
  • Type B / Type C protection and Type C dual-homing
  • Coexist with GPON

Ethernet P2P Line Card:

  • 48 port per card with CSFP optical module, 768 ports per shelf
  • Port-based and queue-based traffic shaping  
  • Single fiber double direction access, 100 Mbit/s or

1000 Mbit/s per port:

  • DHCP Option 82 relay agent and PPPoE relay agent  
  • Ethernet OAM  
  • Ethernet synchronization

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