All-Inone Monitoring and Analysis Solution

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NOMAD covers all the monitoring needs encountered in hybrid IP multicast, OTT and RF networks. It is the ultimate all-inone monitoring and analysis solution for the technician on the move.


  • 10/100/1000-T RJ45 Management port with Link and Activity LED indicators
  • 10/100/1000-T RJ45 video port with Link and Activity LED indicators
  • SFP gigE video port Optical networks
  • 75 ohm BNC linespeed ASI input
  • 75 ohm BNC ASI output port for loopthrough monitoring purposes
  • 50 ohm SMA female 1PPS input port for GPS synchronisation
  • USB Type-A connector for initial setup (back of unit)
  • USB Type-A connector for WiFi dongle (dongle included at front of unit)
  • Thumbnail decoding of uni/multicast IP transport streams with audio bars and metadata
  • Framework called RDP for relaying any IP multicast monitored to a different IP destination for further analysis. Two independent relay engines are available (part of RDP framework)
  • Functionality for recording 500MB of the whole or parts of any transport stream monitored (RDP framework). There are two independent RDP record engines
  • Automatic record trigger based on up to 3 configured alarm criteria with pre fill in order to catch fault, ideal for autonomous fault capture. There are two independent record engines available (part of RDP framework). Recorded clips are automatically stored in 32GB SD card flash
  • Flexible template based alarming system to allow custom configuration of what parameters result in an alarm being generated on a per-TS level
  • NTP client time synchronization support according to RFC2030
  • DHCP client support on management and video ports according to RFC2131
  • Easy web-based software and license upgrade
  • TR 101 290 monitoring and analysis on ASI, RF and IP inputs
  • Full DVB and ATSC table support
  • PSI/SI/PSIP table display - high and low level including hex dump and table download
  • Analysis of EIT p/f and EIT Schedule
  • MIP table analysis according to TR 101 190 and TR 101 191
  • Unique tests designed by BRIDGE Technologies relevant to Conditional Access system
  • TS 101 290 analysis functionality on all IP multicasts in either round-robin fashion across all monitored IP multicasts or continuously on all monitored IP multicasts
  • Framework for monitoring and alarming on max/min service bandwidth
  • Framework for monitoring and alarming on max/min PID bandwidth
  • Visual tree representation of all PSI/SI tables with drill-down functionality
  • PID overview
  • Service overview
  • PCR Accuracy (PCR-AC) jitter histogram for selectable PIDs on IP/ASI/RF inputs
  • PCR Overall Jitter (PCR-OJ) jitter histogram for selectable PIDs on ASI/RF inputs
  • Intuitive bitrate overview - service and PID based
  • Comparison framework where a visual comparison between two transport streams or two services is possible in terms of TR 101 290 parameters and table set
  • Transport stream service status view with visual colour coded indication of problem areas
  • TR 101 290 alarm trending graph over last 24 hours
  • Condensed mosaic thumbnail view of all services monitored

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