Wideband vehicle-mounted Leakage Antenna


The VIAVI WVM-2 vehicle-mounted leakage antenna enables operators to take full advantage of the complete channel lineup flexibility enabled by the Seeker X platform.

With broad frequency coverage from 250–1220 MHz, operators can shift monitoring frequencies at will without ever needing to change out antennas on their vehicle fleet and without sacrificing sensitivity. Together the Seeker D/X detectors and WVM-2 antenna reliably detect leaks that other systems miss, maximizing return on your plant integrity investment.

The WVM-2 is rugged enough to handle the extremes of continuous year-round rooftop deployment and is designed to be used safely in high wind speed environments.


  • 250-1220 MHz frequency range from a single antenna
  • Best in class sensitivity and 360 degree coverage to detect leaks others miss
  • Rugged unit designed to provide years of rooftop use
  • Magnetic mounting minimizes installation cost

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