Wideband Field Service Leakage Antenna


Pinpoint plant shielding weaknesses faster in the field with the best in class gain and directionality of the VIAVI WFS-2 antenna. With broad frequency range coverage, the WFS-2 can be used regardless of the monitoring frequencies chosen above 450 MHz.

Ideal for the evolving HFC

Everything about the VIAVI Seeker X platform is revolutionizing how cable operators find and fix ingress, and the WFS-2 antenna is no exception. Leakage detectors are only as good as the signals that the antenna provides, and with its high gain and directionality, the WFS-2 is the perfect complement to the best-in-class Seeker X detector.

The broad frequency range coverage afforded by the WFS-2 enables maximum benefit to be achieved from the Seeker X frequency agility. All of this is provided in an ideal form factor that is rugged, lightweight, and compact enough to easily slide behind the seat of even the smallest vehicles.


  • 450-1220 MHz coverage from a single antenna
  • Rugged, lightweight unit fits behind seats of even small vehicles
  • 5 dBi antenna-factor maximizes system sensitivity
  • Superior directionality in a technician-friendly design

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