Pebble NDFR


The Harmonic CableOS Pebble-1-NDFR is a NDF/NDR module for deployment in Harmonic Wave-1 platform at CATV headend or hub. It provides a solution to cable operators for delivery of legacy signals over DAA network.

The Harmonic Pebble-1-NDFR module was designed to support NDF/NDR protocol at headend/hub, while Pebble-1 RPD consist elements to support NDF/NDR in the node .

Compact and cost-effective, the Wave-1 chassis houses up to three CableOS Pebble-1-NDFR modules, which support distributed access architecture interfaces defined by CableLabs MHAv2 specification.



  • 1-RU Platform
  • Single Power Supply and up to three Pebble-1-NDFR
  • Dual Power Supplies and up to two Pebble-1-NDFR
  • 300 mm deep (not including RF F-Type Connectors)
  • AC or DC Power Supply with Option for dual redundant Power Supplies
  • Modular Design
  • Low Power Consumption (less than 120 W for fully configured Platform)
  • Supports up to 1218 MHz forward and 204 MHz return Bandwidth on each RPD
  • Fully compliant with the CableLabs MHAv2 Specification for Remote PHY Architectures
  • Two 10-GbE SFP+ Ports
  • One NDR Port and two NDF Ports per Module
  • Precision IEEE 1588 PTP Synchronization
  • Remote Control via CableOS CLI