Dense Remote PHY Shelf

Accelerate your broadband network with maximum density and full data, video and legacy service convergence.

Your next-gen PHY Shelf made for greener Broadband

The CableOS Reef remote PHY shelf has a completely modular, hot-swappable design, with redundant AC or DC power supply units.  Consolidate your hardware and reduce real-estate requirements, with full convergence of high-speed data and video services thanks to 9 RPD’s per RU.

Lower your power consumption with an optimized design that respects industry standards. You can deliver the best-of-breed service quality to meet subscriber demands with minimal hardware investment.

HARMONIC Reef -Pic 1


  • The Reef R-PHY Shelf is can deliver your high-speed Data, Video and Voice Services, and scale with your Network.
  • Field-proven 2-RU Chassis with redundant Power Supplies
  • 9 Line Cards per Chassis, each hosting 2 independent 1x2 RPDs
  • Lowest Power Usage with full 1.2 GHz Spectrum in DOCSIS 3.1
  • Full Data, Video and Legacy Service Convergence
  • Reduce Hardware Investment to generate massive Savings
  • Save Space and Power with high Density R-PHY Shelf
  • Ensure a higher Signal Quality over longer Distances
  • 24/7/365 System Health Monitoring for optimal Performance
  • Modular for the full Flexibility you need to evolve with your Network over Time


  • Form Factor: 2-RU
  • RPD Density: Up to 18 RPDs
  • RPD Modules: 2 RPDs  per Module, up to 9 Modules per Chassis
  • RPD Options: 1 DS x 1 US, 1 DS x 2 US
  • Power Supply Redundancy
  • Power Supply Options: AC (110 VAC, 220 VAC), DC (-48 VDC)

HARMONIC Reef -Pic 2