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Electroline's Locator software is a web-based application (accessible through Microsoft Internet Explorer). As part of the CLEARPath ingress management solution, it identifies the source of ingress and locates it within the cable network. Locator scans each individual fiber node within the cable network and reports any out-of-range events by displaying a top-level alarm condition for return path noise. It then provides a table of the nodes that contains an alarm and demonstrates the severity of the ingress that has been found. Each node has its own set of alarm parameters based on the normal operating conditions of the node.


  • Web-based software available via Internet Explorer & accessible by multiple users
  • Controls all CLEARPath equipment from any location
  • Provides a “Top Level” view of alarm conditions
  • Locates ingress in the distribution plant
  • Offers automated ingress search in the cable network
  • Provides live spectra views of individual nodes
  • Stores statistical data and spectra displays on ingress events
  • Sets up alarm conditions specific to each node
  • User ID and password protected
  • Temporarily “fixes” serious network-threatening Ingress

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