Downstream Cable Access Module 2 for the E6000

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  • 16 Physical Ports per Module (requires DPIC-2)
  • Full Spectrum Capable (108 MHz to 1218 MHz)
  • DCAM-2 Hardware Capable of Up to Four (4) Output Blocks per Port (Support in Software Determined by Release)
  • SC-QAM Output Block Supports Up to 32 SC-QAMs (Annex B) or 24 SC-QAMs (Annex A)
  • OFDM Output Block 192 MHz Wide
  • 48 SC-QAMs (Max 32 DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS) plus 192 MHz OFDM per Port in Rel. 5.0
  • 48 DOCSIS SC-QAM maximum per Port in Rel. 5.0 (Annex B, without IEQ or OFDM)
  • Additional SC-QAM and/or OFDM Density per Port in Later Releases (No Hardware Changes Required)
  • Downstream MAC Processing for Remote PHY Operation on the E6000 CER Acting as a CCAP Core (Future Software Upgrade)

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