OneExpert DSP

Installation/service meter for cable networks

OneExpert DSP

The ONX-220 is unique in terms of speed and ease of use. Fast, versatile and at a good price - the ONX-220 is a powerful installation and service measuring device.

The test data can be stored in the cloud and enables project completion and reporting in real time.


  • Robust Quality, Workmanship and the usual VIAVI Reliability
  • High-Precision Measuring Device developed for extreme operating Conditions at an extremely attractive Price


  • Connection to the VIAVI MobileTech App via the Technician's Mobile Device
  • Linking Work Orders with Projects and for Geotagging as Evidence of Fisits to the Customer

Flexible and inexpensive

  • Reduction of the Acquisition Costs through needs-based Adaptation of the Test Functions
  • Expandability of the Performance Features of the Measuring Device
  • Integrated Connections for Microscope for Fiber End-Face Testing and for Power Level Meter


  • Clear user interface with touchscreen for little training
  • Meaningful Dashboard displays with a clear pass / fail evaluation of the measurements
  • Detailed examination of the measurement results for specialists
  • Faster measurements and output of autotest results in less than two minutes
  • Ready to use with factory synchronization of the device with the customer's StrataSync account


  • Fault diagnosis on services between the tap and the CPE
  • Detection and elimination of intermittent issues on QAM and OFDM carriers as well as in the home network
  • Checking the WiFi signal strength, availability and performance in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks

Performance Characteristics

  • Most powerful measuring device in this price range
  • Fast, seamless and precise measurements on analog and digital signals, including DOCSIS 3.1 OFDM
  • Location-based autotests and automatic Channel Plan generation
  • With StrataSync Core to manage the device and a workflow option to link the work orders with the projects
  • Throughput measurement for Gigabit Ethernet, DOCSIS and WLAN
  • WLAN status check with control of signal strength, SSID, Channels, Security, MAC and protocols
  • Optional optical power level measurements and fiber end-face Tests to ensure clean optical connections

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