Leakage Analysis Workshop


VIAVI LAW-X, coupled with Seeker GPS, provide a leakage management system that enables operators to find and fix leaks quickly, minimize tech time, quickly assess network leakage health and gauge the effectiveness of leakage maintenance efforts.

  • Automated data collection, leak mapping and work Order Management
  • Continuously updated database and map
  • Automated Leak Location and Amplitude notation

In coordination with the Seeker GPS Management System, the LAW-X application collects leakage location data, plots the data and marks the leakage source location as push pins on a map. Then the LAW-X automatically assigns and emails work repair orders to the responsible techs.

LAW-X supports up to 250 Seeker, Seeker MCA, or Seeker BB-2 Hardware Instances in basic configuration, expandable up to 1000 device instances.

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