Seeker HL

In-Home Leakage Evaluation Kit


Seeker HL

The VIAVI Seeker HL In-Home Leakage Evaluation System is a low-cost digital leakage solution that includes a dual-frequency tagged signal source, with a selectable output level and a discriminating leakage receiver that is designed to be extremely sensitive to leakage in both the Aeronautical and LTE Frequency Bands.

  • Dual-Band Leakage Receiver for Both Aeronautical and LTE Frequencies
  • Sensitivity Up to 0.1 µV/m at 138 MHz and 0.4 µV/m at 757.5 MHz
  • Tagged Signal Source Combined with a Discriminating Leakage Receiver
  • Audible Tone Increases Proportionally in Pitch as Technician Moves Closer to the Source of Leakage

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