Compact and rugged field meter

With the DSP TDR cable service provider maintenance teams and contractors can quickly find cable breaks and faults so they can get service back up ASAP. Simple operation, along with step TDR technology give complete, precise measurements with no blind spots. An on-screen events list is available with the press of a button. The DSP TDR offers lab-grade functionality in a rugged hand-held meter.

The DSP TDR accurately locates breaks and faults, helping the operator avoid paying for unnecessary span replacements.


The DSP TDR uses “step” technology, in which the transmitter sends signals continuously while the receiver listens simultaneously for reflected signals. This means there is no “dead-zone” as is typical in TDRs with "pulse" technology. The measurement detects information including impedance along the entire length of cable. The higher energy of the step signal TDR improves the signal-to-noise ratio and with digital averaging, effectively eliminates interfering noise that degrades the received signal.


  • Lab-grade functionality in a rugged hand-held meter
  • “Step” technology for higher precision over entire cable length
  • Events list instantly viewable from function menu


  • Reduce outage and line problem troubleshooting time
  • Avoid paying for unnecessary span replacements
  • Precision location means digging smaller holes
  • Eliminate unnecessary span replacements by pinpointing cable problems enabling efficient splicing
  • Document measurement results quickly with upload to StrataSync (get paid quicker)

Key Features

  • Features fast, complete, and precise measurements without blind spots
  • Data upload and retention with StrataSync
  • Long battery life