Tools for the fiber optic technician

Which tools and measurement devices are needed?

On the following pages you can find recommended tools and measurement equipment for working with fiber networks.

1. Cleaning and Inspection

Before and after every activity with an optical connector, it should be cleaned. This will prevent damage to the fiber end faces. We recommend that you use a One-Click Cleaner (OCC A / OCC B) or the AFL Cletop cleaning tape, for example.

Dirty plugs not only reduce the transmission performance, but can also permanently damage the optical fiber. After cleaning, you can use a fiber optic microscope to examine the connector end faces for dirt and damage.

The automated pass / fail tests of the microscopes from VIAVI enable a uniform assurance of the connector quality.

Fujikura One-Click Cleaner

  • Ergonomic and comfortable design, easy cleaning
  • Precise mechanical cleaning guarantees constant results
  • Each cleaning is done with a fresh piece of cleaning tape
  • Low cost per cleaning
  • Available for 2.5 mm (ST, SC, FC) and 1.25 mm (LC and MU) connections
  • ODC version available

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AFL Cletop Cleaning Tape

  • Compact and lightweight design, ideal in the laboratory, on production lines and during assembly
  • Constant cleaning results without IPA alcohol, which is toxic and flammable and leaves residue on the fiberglass
  • Excellent antistatic properties, prevents dust from accumulating on the fiberglass
  • Practical reclosing button, only exposes the tape during cleaning to minimize unwanted dust
  • Refillable and cost effective cleaning tape
  • Over 400 cleaning processes per belt

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One-Click Cleaner and Cletop Cleaning Tape

P5000i Handheld Microscope

Dirty or defective plugs are the main cause of problems in optical networks. With the fiber microscope you can get this challenge under control and assess the quality of fiber ends at transitions. The P5000i USB microscope can be used with VIAVI measuring devices as well as with smartphones, tablets and PCs.

  • Evaluation of the fiber end faces at the push of a button
  • Creates clarity about the quality of optical connections
  • IEC standards can be certified

Interface: via USB to laptops, PCs, Android devices or VIAVI measuring devices
Weight: 110 g
Dimensions: 140 x 46 x 44 mm
Light source: blue LED, 100,000+ hours lifespan

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FiberChek Probe

The FiberChek fiber microscope with integrated touch screen enables end-face inspection without an additional device.

  • Fully automated fiber testing with a complete solution
  • Integrated touch screen with live fiber display
  • Results storage in the device or externally
  • Auto focus and auto centering

Interfaces: Bluetooth, WLAN and USB.
Weight: 272 g
Dimensions: 218 x 50 x 131 mm
Light source: blue LED, 100,000+ hours lifespan
Display: 128 x 128 x 1.5 inch OLED touchscreen

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Tools for the fiber optic technician-Pic 2

P5000i Mikroskop and FiberChek Probe

Tools for the fiber optic technician-Pic 3

Automatic pass/fail analysis