Dual Return Channel Digital Receiver (5-65 MHz Passband)

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The DR3421 Dual Return Channel Digital Receiver utilizes state-of-the-art technology for digital return path applications, and its capabilities allow deployment of compact and robust high-speed digital broadband systems. The advanced design provides simultaneous conversion of digital return path traffic from two RF return segments to two discrete RF output ports. Used in combination with DT4232N Digital Transceivers in optical nodes or DT3515C Digital Transmitters, the DR3421 allows quick and cost effective doubling of the amount of return bandwidth available from any node in the network. These dual-segment digital retu rn receiver modules are primarily used in traditional HFC systems, where larger node sizes are the norm.


  • Dual D-A conversion provides discrete RF signals from two return segments per optical input
  • High RF output (–33 dBmV/Hz typical)
  • Superior noise performance
  • RF output level independent of optical input power provides output level stability in alternate routing applications
  • Front access –20 dB test points for each return path
  • Hot plug-in/out
  • Local and remote status monitoring
  • Occupies one full-depth slot

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