Analog 1550 nm externally modulated transmitter 1 GHz


The ARRIS AT3553 and AT3554 series high performance 1550 nm externally modulated analog transmitters are available in several optional configurations to meet various network requirements. They feature a minimum output power of 9.5 dBm with configurable dBm SBS suppression. The compact design minimizes rack space requirements and permits plugging the three-slot-wide, full-depth transmitter module in either the front or rear of the CH3000 3RU chassis to optimize equipment installation and operating conditions.


  • 9.5 dBm minimum output power
  • 1 GHz RF bandwidth
  • Analog 64-channel PAL B/G plus QAM loading
  • 65 km and 100 km path length options
  • Multiple broadcast wavelength options (1545nm or 1563 nm), or optional selection of DWDM ITU-grid channel
  • Adjustable SBS suppression
  • User-settable RF input level
  • AGC Select: CW, Video, Manual (no AGC)
  • Front access –20 dB input test point
  • LED status indicators
  • Front panel Laser On/Off interlock switch and indicators
  • Additional back panel “Laser On” indicator
  • Hot plug-in/out
  • Local and remote status monitoring and management features

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