Control Unit IV

Remote Control of addressable Splitters and Taps

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Control Unit IV

The Control Unit IV is a powerful headend microcomputer designed to work with both Electroline's Addressable System and its CLEARPath Ingress Management Solution. The Control Unit controls the status of addressable splitters and multitap units located in the field. It receives subscriber information from any cable billing system and continuously transmits it to the addressable splitters and multitaps located in the field via an FSK control carrier (diagram 1).


  • Management and status evaluation of splitters and taps
  • Interfaces to all major billing systems
  • Expandable to one million subscribers
  • Agile single FSK or dual FSK Control Carrier
  • Agile FSK ranges: 46 - 78, 72 - 120 & 108 - 162 MHz
  • Dual FSK frequency options: 51, 53, 73, 90, 118 MHz
  • Continuously monitors data carrier
  • 2 Control Units can be connected for fully redundant operation to ensure reliability
  • 3 serial ports support 3 different applications/protocols simultaneously
  • LED indicators for monitoring status and data transmission on serial ports
  • Lithium backup battery
  • Integration with TPS, CIM, CPM

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