NOM 3121A

PWRBlazer Scaleable Optical Node Output Module

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NOM 3121A
The PWRBlazer NOM 3121A Node Output Module provides RF and power functionality within a PWRBlazer optical node out to 1 GHz. The PWRBlazer node can accommodate one or two NOM 3121A node output modules. Since each output module provides one or two outputs, each node can be configured with anywhere from one to four outputs. An additional port is available on each module for either direct return input or dedicated powering. All modules feature high isolation to allow for distinct information content on each port, high forward to return isolation to allow maximal use of the return path, and GaAs amplifiers for high performance and low power consumption. An optional remote management interface card can be added to the modules which controls the return mute attenuators via the NETWatch Element Management System. The NOM 3121A has one or two inputs, and two outputs. Each output has its own active device. The NOM 3121A has two separate return paths.

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