1550nm DWDM Transmitter

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Aurora’s family of 1550 nm SUPRALink transmitter modules is designed for advanced broadband networks. These DWDM transmit-ters can operate alone in local distribution or narrowcasting applications and in combination with Aurora’s node products for complete system solutions. The DWDM SPL 7110S-Exx transmitter modules are very compact, with 10 transmitter modules fitting into a single three rack-unit high HLP 4800/4200 platform via the HMC 4001 module carrier adapter. They are intelligent and can be set up in a matter of minutes by means of the user-friendly interface. A user can configure a transmitter either via the HLP 4800/4200WD platform display or the NETWatch Element Management System. These transmitters allow service providers to deploy optical nodes deeper in the network while minimizing the cost of constructing new fiber routes. A user can scale the system in one-wavelength increments up to a maximum of eight wavelengths, providing a simple, seamless, “pay-as-you grow” expansion path. Its superior fiber reach enables service providers to design and maintain a transmission network in a single wavelength band, resulting in significant operational advantages.


  • Reclaim fiber with DWDM technology
  • Eight-wavelength solution for network segmentation and fiber-deep applications
  • 1 GHz RF bandwidth (80 analog and 75 QAM channels)
  • Up to 40km with optical amplification and 25 km with no amplification
  • Integrated element management with SNMP compatibility
  • Microprocessor control of all key parameters provides consistent and optimum product performance

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