HRM 3810 / 3811

Optical Receiver Module

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HRM 3810 / 3811
The HRM 3811 is an optical receiver module for the HLP 4800/4200 Aurora platform. The HRM 3811 is ideal for supertrunking and hub interconnection. As with all HLP 4800/4200-compatible modules, the HRM 3811 has built-in element management capabilities. The HRM 3811 uses state-of-the-art GaAs amplifiers for low noise, low nonlinear distortions, and superior flatness. These amplifiers allow RF output levels in excess of 42 dBmV per channel while maintaining supertrunk-quality performance. Reliable networks require redundant architectures. The HRM 3811 has been designed to support both primary and secondary links. The module can monitor the total RF output power and generate an alarm when it falls below a user-defined threshold. The unit is being controlled locally through the HLP platform or through Aurora EMS NETWatch.

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