PWL 4800

PWR Link II DFB Transmitter

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PWL 4800
Aurora's PWRLink II belongs to the family of 1310 nm DFB laser transmitter modules. The PWRLink II provides the same high performance as the previous generations of PWRLink transmitters, but now in an even more compact and cost-effective package. The PWRLink II transmitter modules are very compact with 10 transmitter modules fitting into a single three-rack unit high HLP 4200 platform. The transmitter modules fit into the platform via the HMC 4000 module carrier adapter. Set up is possible in three ways: via the HLP4200WD platform front panel menu, the RF adjustment on the module front panel or the NETWatch Element Management System. Due to its advanced predistortion circuitry, the state-of-the-art PWRLink II transmitter delivers high performance with RF distortion suppression, enabling system designers to achieve very high carrier-to-noise performance while avoiding receiver overdrive problems. Continuous high performance and reliability of the transmitters are assured by a microprocessor and associated firmware which control and monitor all vital functions. Monitored functions include laser temperature and operating point, optical power and module temperature. The optical connector is mounted on a removable plate on the back of the unit. This feature facilitates simple cleaning of the connector, ensuring consistently high picture quality.

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