CPS 4200

Controller/Power Supply Module

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CPS 4200
It provides microprocessor control of the high-efficiency switching power supply, control of the communication bus, and supplies + 24 VDC power to the power bus. The controller portion of the CPS 4200 module controls the communication bus of the HLP 4200 platform, and provides local and remote communications for system monitoring and control. The CPS 4200 provides an internal fault diagnostic menu that can be read on the HLP 4200WD display, or remotely by means of the NETWatch Element Management System. Microprocessor controlled regulation circuitry and over voltage/current protection ensure optimal performance and reliability, and a microprocessor controlled fan maintains the unit's proper operating temperature. The reliability of the CPS 4200 is further enhanced by powering the controller board directly from the platform bus, maintaining control in case of power supply board failure. A second CPS 4200 module may by installed in the platform and operated in a hot redundancy mode to enhance system reliability.

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