VIAVI WiFi Advisor

A közkedvelt VIAVI WiFi Advisor okos csatorna varázsló megjelent az OneExpert Platformon is

VIAVI Solutions, the industry's leading access and cable test solutions provider, announced the release of the latest release of the WiFi Advisor host application on the OneExpert test platforms. The WiFi Advisor has always been integrated with the OneExpert DSL and OneExpert CATV product line but now the full suite of the award-winning Smart Channel Wizard resides on the OneExpert. This eliminates the need for a tablet to utilize the WiFi Advisor.

Diagnose WiFi issues quickly with KPIs

  • Locate the best place for AP placement, and the right channel and band
  • Structure networks to optimal performance and minimize interference
  • Improve QoE, reduces trouble calls and repeats
  • Troubleshoot real time WiFi KPIs with guided troubleshooting in the Smart Channel Wizard
  • Assesses a wide range of end-user devices for 802.11 standards and utilization
  • Educates customers about true performance

WiFi Advisor use models and OneExpert integration

SmartChannel Wizard: built for the WiFi novice