Optical Transmission - refurbished

We plan and deliver complete solutions for optical transmission with products from ARRIS, IPG PHOTONICS, DCT-DELTA and VECTOR.

CHP-MAX5000 Optical Headend Solution Overview
MAXLink 1550 nm optical Amplifier
Optical Platform Chassis and Power Supply
Multi-Wavelength Optical Amplifier
1 GHz Multiwavelength Forward Path Transmitter
Control Module for CHP-MAX5000 Platform
1 GHz Redundant Forward Path Receivers
Controller/Power Supply Module
PWR Link II DFB Transmitter
Powerlink II DFB Transmitter
Single-Wavelength Optical Pre-Amplifier
Dual/Quad Return Path Receiver
Dual Analog Return Receiver (100 MHz)
Optical Compact Receiver
Modules and Accessories for the ORA 9022
OBI Elimination HPON Optical Distribution Solution
Modular Optical Node Platform
Fiber Deep 2X2 Optical Node
Power Supply Module
Power Supply Module
Network Controller
Network Controller
Return Path Receiver
PWRLink II DFB 1310 nm-Transmitter
ARRIS PWRLink II High-Density DFB Transmitters
1550 nm DWDM Transmitter
Optical Distribution Amplifier
Optical Platform
Quad Return Path Receiver
Forward Path Receiver
1310 nm Broadcast Transmitter
1550 nm Broadcast / Narrowcast Transmitter
1550 nm Broadcast / Narrowcast Transmitter
1550 nm Broadcast Transmitter
Optical Amplifiers for HFC Networks