180 DSP

Signal Level Meter


180 DSP

VIAVI’s 180 DSP is a signal level meter specifically tailored for installation and troubleshooting of RF signals. Featuring fast measurements and powerful troubleshooting tools, the 180 DSP comes equipped with all the tests an installer needs to measure both Analog and Digital signals and ensure the highest quality installation—and includes a price point that makes it feasible for system operators to outfit their entire fleet. Tailored for the challenges faced by installers, contractors, and service techs, the 180 DSP helps simplify decision making and streamlines standardization processes and procedures, while improving tech efficiencies and the overall health of the entire system.


  • Return Spectrum Analysis (4 to 110 MHz)
  • Level Measurement
  • C/N Measurement
  • QAM Measurement (MER/BER/Constellation/EQ)
  • Complete Channel Plan Scan with Tilt Measurement
  • Ping, Trace Route, VoIP & Throughput Measurements
  • Auto Discovery of Channel Plans
  • Multi-user support
  • Multi-language support
  • Create jobs right on the meter
  • Built-in web browser, real-time data transmission
  • Interactive basic RF installation process

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