OLP-87 (P)

Fiber PON Power Meter and Microscope from VIAVI

OLP-87 (P)

The OLP-87 is an FTTx/PON power meter for use in activating and troubleshooting B-PON, E-PON and G-PON and next generation high speed 10G PON such as XG-PON and 10G-EPON networks, and higher capacity NG-PON2 networks. The OLP-87 combines a high-performance wavelength-selective power meter with pass/fail fiber inspection analysis capability into one portable solution.


  • Integrates fiber inspection and test
  • Easily measures PON power and automatically certifies fiber-end face condition
  • Generates certification report
  • Hands-free carrier for easy use inside homes or up on telephone poles


  • Service activation and troubleshooting
  • Simultaneous power measurement of all upstream & downstream wavelengths on live PON networks
  • Supports tests in B-PON, E-PON, G-PON and XG-PON/10G-EPON networks
  • Network activation/testing as part of 5G deployments

Key Features

  • Through-mode capability for simultaneous measurement  and display of voice, data and RF video signals on fiber at 1490/1550/1578nm downstream and 1270nm/1310nm upstream for B/E/G/XG(S)/10G
  • Individual, wavelength selective, through mode power level measurement for multiple NG-PON2 downstream and upstream channels
  • Burst mode measurement for 1270nm, 1310nm and 1535nm upstream signals
  • High performance broadband power-meter option
  • Up to 10.000 measurement results storage downloadable through USB or Ethernet interfaces
  • Integrated patchcord microscope version available
  • Automated pass/fail fiber inspection analysis with optional P5000i microscope

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