BSR 64000 Decoupled Upstream Module

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The TX48 upstream module for the I-CMTS platform BSR 64000 offers 48 upstream burst receivers across eight physical ports packed into a single energy efficient module. Each port may have up to 6 upstream RF receivers that can be easily enabled for increased channel capacity. The RX48 incorporates next generation DOCSIS 3.0 Upstream MAC controllers, Upstream S-CDMA/A-TDMA Burst Receivers, high-performance multicore processor and packet processing components to support the advanced DOCSIS 3.0 feature set, including Upstream Channel Bonding, enhanced security (AES, Security Provisioning), IPv6, Multicast, IPDR Extensions, and enhanced Upstream RF support.


  • 48 burst return path receivers across 8 ports
  • Advanced spectrum management and ingress noise cancellation techniques for optimizing upstream capacity
  • RF filtering and gain adjusting circuits to optimize Docsis 3.0, 2.0 and 1.x upstream RF signal linearity, MER and input RF signal level to the upstream RF burst receivers
  • Integrated RF Switch design enables High-Availability Services with Hitless RS Redundancy (n:1)
  • Increased Upstream Channel Density with a 60 % energy savings over prior generation RF modules
  • Advanced S-CDMA design enables usage of low frequency Upstream Channels for greater upstream bandwidth
  • Deployable in all BSR 64000 HD Chassis with existing 2.8, SRM, and Ether-Flex modules for maximum investment
  • DOCSIS 3.0 Upstream Channel Bonding to support Ultra-Broadband services of 100 Mbps or more

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