EQM 101 / 102 / 103

Edge QAM Modulator


EQM 101 / 102 / 103
The EQM 100 is generating up to 24 RF-QAM channels to add DVB-C services into distribution networks at CATV-Headends or near the edge of the subscribers. Its modular design allows to choose an EDGE-QAM like EQM 101 with 16 channels or the EQM 102 with 8 channels if needed. The MPEG transport streams (TS) must be supplied over IP-networks as unicast or multicast data packets encapsulated in UDP format. The Output is an RF-Signal in the selected frequency range between 47...862 MHz that can directly feed a local CATV network or HFC cluster supporting 32 - 256 QAM. Conversions of the MPEG transport stream like PCR restamping and "insertion of zero-packet" are supported. The modulator can be configured and operated via a web browser on a local PC or laptop and can be integrated into a network management system (NMS).

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