DiviCom ION

Multichannel MPEG-2 Encoder


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DiviCom ION


  • Built in VBR statistical multiplexing - Ion with DiviTrackMX enables a multichannel, closed loop statistical multiplex within the chassis; no external multiplexer is required
  • High value performance - Ion delivers 12 broadcast-quality channels in a single 256 QAM
  • Space and energy efficiency - Supporting up to four video and ten stereo channels in one 1 RU chassis
  • Flexibility, Ion accepts both analog and digital inputs and offers IP and ASI outputs, fitting seamlessly into virtually any operating environment
  • Support for all IP infrastructure - Ion's native IP interface makes it easy to leverage the flexibility, scalability and cost effectiveness of all IP video transport solutions
  • Ease of administration - Ion's easy to use Web based user interface simplifies installation and remote management

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