CW 4261 / 4262 / 4264 / 4265

QAM Modulator


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CW 4261 / 4262 / 4264 / 4265

The CW 426 X series QAM modulators are equipped with Microtune’s integrated converters providing high output level and high signal purity, which are required for building headends with a high number of channels. The size of the converter permits building four QAM modulators in one 19” × 1 HU frame (model CW 4262 and CW 4264).


  • CW 4262 and CW-4265: IP input with unicast and multicast mode
  • TS processing with SDRAM input buffer, programmable stuffing unit, null packet remover and PCR corrector
  • CW 4261 and CW 4264: integrated TS Analyzer
  • CW-Net device control and monitoring system
  • High level output, high output level stability, high signal purity
  • Cost efficient solution with high density


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