High-Performance Spectrum and QAM Analyzer Return-Path Monitoring Module


The RPM3000 is an eight-port, high-speed return-path QAM and spectrum analyzer optimized for the PathTrakTM Return Path Monitoring System’s QAM and ingress analysis and monitoring functions. Each of the eight ports is an independent, isolated test port between which the RPM3000 module automatically switches to individually measure both upstream QAM and spectrum performance. The measurement settings and functions consist of all typical spectrum analyzer settings, such as resolution bandwidth, video bandwidth, dwell time, span, marker control, maximum hold, minimum hold, peak search, and zero span.

In addition, the RPM3000 supports unique MACTrak analyzer settings for troubleshooting live DOCSIS packets from subscribers or from a VIAVI field meter.  MACTrak can rank overall node performance according to individual DOCSIS upstream carrier performance, dramatically improving maintenance prioritization. The RPM3000 quickly and easily integrates with existing PathTrak systems and is fully compatible with existing RPM cards, HCUs, and other components.

Key Benefits

  • Combines essential spectrum and cable modem upstream analysis and monitoring
  • Real-time RF and data metrics based on the subscribers’ DOCSIS packets
  • Supports Field View and Field View QAM for one-person upstream troubleshooting
  • Eliminates the need for dedicated spectrum and QAM analyzers to troubleshoot return-path problems

Key Features

  • Enables heatmap spectral display in XPERTrak
  • Supports all existing MACTrak capabilities, including MACTrak Performance Monitoring
  • Demodulates and monitors live DOCSIS upstreams
  • 500 kHz to 85 MHz frequency range and 50 dB dynamic range to support the required noise floor reductions


  • Upstream ingress remediation
  • View in-band and in-service faults missed by standard spectrum analysis tools
  • Highlight worst-performing nodes to prioritize repairs with MACTrak node ranking
  • Reveal linear and nonlinear impairments such as group delay and laser clipping in addition to simple ingress and CPD
  • Identify modems experiencing codeword errors in real time to verify (or fix) faults

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