CW 4861 / TCM 061

TOTALCRYPT PAY TV Scrambler and Descrambler Module


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CW 4861 / TCM 061
The Totalcrypt system developed by Cableworld solves the descrambling function at the receiving side by using the standard Common Interface (CI), thus any set-top box or later digital TV set equipped with CI can be used for reception. The gist of the Totalcrypt system is converting the set-top boxes or digital TV sets into addressable descramblers by inserting Totalcrypt descrambler modules in their CI slots. Each Totalcrypt descrambler module is equipped with an individual address, and the scrambler in the headend controls the descrambler modules by special data embedded in the transport stream. The CW 4861 Totalcrypt pay TV Scrambler is used in the headend for scrambling the ASI signal going to the QAM modulator. The scrambler does not change the data rate; the space for embedding the control data has to be provided in form of null packets. The Totalcrypt descrambler module is DVB and CI compatible. The descrambler modules receive from the transport stream continuous individual control by their identification numbers. The scrambling system provides scrambling up to 64 elementary streams within the transport stream and their individual authorizations.


  • DVB and CI compatible
  • Scrambling and individual authorization of up to 64 elementary streams within the transport stream
  • Changing of the scrambler algorithm through the transport stream by software
  • Maximal number of subscribers 500,000
  • Set-top box recovery time 1 - 2 seconds
  • Data update and subscriber/program authorization during operation without disturbing the operation
  • Data loading and control with Server through CW-Net
  • 19” × 1 HU frame, 3.3 V supply voltage, low power consumption, continuous Service

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