Tracker Pro

Introducing the first touch screen TDR in the world

Tracker Pro

With one touch, save a waveform and have your customers back online in seconds. Diagnose the cable remotely in your truck or back at the office. With a multi-pulse waveform storage, you can work remotely just like you were live on the cable. 

Test cable and work live, using Tracker Pro’s intuitive interface & state of the art technology to more accurately diagnose & locate multiple events on a cable.  

Or work remotely with Springbok’s revolutionary new feature: Tracker Store. With one touch, Tracker Pro will cycle through each of its pulse widths, storing the full waveform regardless of what is on screen. This file can be recalled, displayed and studied on the instrument’s screen or downloaded (via USB) to a PC. You can now display and manipulat e the waveform using Tracker View, allowing you to work from the comfort of your truck or office.  

Tracker View

  • Download saved waveforms from Tracker Jr, Tracker and Tracker Pro 
  • Name and save waveforms 
  • Make comments and notes 
  • Change VOP
  • Vertical Gain and Rang e
  • Step through Pulse Widths 
  • Move cursors
  • Measure distances and dBRL 
  • Print waveforms and comments 
  • TrackerView available for Windows, iOS, and Android

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