IPTV Monitoring


Elecard Boro software probes monitor packet loss, video freeze, SCTE35 labels for UDP/HLS/DASH/RTP/HTTP. The solution provides fast and cost-effective monitoring of content delivery networks and ensures localization of the most common violations. Boro is a client-server application consisting of 2 parts: a software Boro probe and a Boro server designed to collect and process statistics.

How it works

  1. Boro probes are distributed over the network:  at the head-end station, at input streams monitoring points and after transcoding, multiplexing and encrypting modules; at end-points of main delivery networks, signal distribution points and last mile locations.
  2. The user starts the probe in the monitoring point. Tasks for analysis are assigned to the probe in the dashboard of the Boro account. Boro probe detects violations in the stream and transfers the detailed statistical information to Elecard Boro server.
  3. The server aggregates the received data, provides reports in easy-to-understand graphic form for each segment of the network in the web browser, and ensures fast email notification about network violations.

Manage probes remotely

  • Create the projects and share access
  • Start several probes in one project
  • Configure tasks for each probe (monitoring settings for each video stream)
  • Check probe resources (RAM/CPU/HDD/Network)
  • Set the project notifications of different types: Visual, Email, SNMP, Webhook, PagerDuty, Telegram
  • Create several notification profiles for each notification type
  • Manage and restart tasks

Check statistics

  • Check statistics on all probes and tasks of the projects
  • Mosaic View to check the whole network on 1 screen
  • Display of streams state summary (input stream bit rates, PID bit rate, etc.) in graphic form
  • Check statistics on each task: Detailed display of all parameters and metrics for each video stream, video thumbnails
  • Detection of ad insertion tags in transport streams and playlists
  • Export of Alarm Journal report in CSV format
  • Video recording of IPTV and OTT and possibility to download video records from remote probes to the user’s browser using WebRTC technology

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